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Sponsored Slim for Cancer Research

Can you put your money where my mouth is?

It’s estimated that one in three of us will develop some kind of cancer during our lifetime – so there can’t be many of us who haven’t either experienced it firsthand or watched a loved one go through it.  It claimed my Dad’s parents, his brother and two of his sisters.  In 2006, I lost a good friend and less than a year later, my own sister died.  As I said in the book, she left a huge hole in all our lives.

That said, it isn’t the automatic death sentence it used to be.  In 2009, my mother (then eighty-two years old) survived bowel cancer.  She bounced back incredibly – and I’m happy to say, she’s still bouncing! That’s partly thanks to advances in medical care in recent years, which are the results of research.

Since my sister’s death, I’ve wanted to do something practical to help – and Mum’s survival redoubled my determination to find a way of making a real contribution to the fight against this all too common disease.

I’ve finally found the answer – putting other people’s money where my mouth is, by being sponsored to lose a stone in weight (just over 6 kilos) between 8th May and 14th August 2011 – fourteen pounds in fourteen weeks.  All funds raised will go directly to Cancer Research UK.

Any donation, however small, will be very much appreciated by the charity – and will keep me motivated!  To keep up with my progress, follow me on Twitter, join me on Face Book or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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