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Finding My Voice by
Sherie Griffiths


‘Finding My Voice’ is the story of Sherie Griffiths’ ‘40-year Apprenticeship In Sound’ and the people who ‘trained’ her. The book charts her progress from registered blind toddler, scared of noise, to an author, speaker, podcaster, broadcaster and businesswoman, helping organisations to harness the power of speech. It’s also the story of confidence lost and regained and obstacles turned to opportunities – impairment to empowerment.

Sherie has been called ‘a natural writer who is able to combine humour, honesty and realism with well-chosen words’. The narrative flows beautifully from the serious to the funny and back again, so smoothly. Sherie’s assessment of herself and others is direct and to the point - she doesn’t wrap herself, or anybody else, in cotton-wool, or skirt the edges of the truth to save herself embarrassment.

This book has been described as ‘compelling’, ‘witty’, ‘moving’, ‘informative’, ‘inspiring’ and ‘truly fascinating’.

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Finding My Voice by Sherie Griffiths

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